Fair Pint challenges pubcos over beer tax cuts

Anti-beer tie group Fair Pint will support the British Beer and Pub Association’s (BBPA) campaign for cuts in beer tax if pubcos commit to passing on any benefits in full to tenants.

The BBPA launched its “I’m backing the pub campaign” last week — part of which calls for a reduction in duty on beer but Fair Pint claims that duty cuts would “do nothing to help struggling pubs”.

The 12-point manifesto, which is a departure from the single issue “Axe the Tax” campaign, was jointly launched with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), with the backing of a host of other organisations including Visit Britain and UK Music.

Steve Corbett of Fair Pint said: “It seems that the BBPA is pretending to ask for money on behalf of community pubs but in reality the BBPA’s pubco and brewery members are looking to empty the collection tin into their own pockets.

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