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Are restaurants missing out on the craft-brewed beer boom?

New research shows 1 in 3 people would visit restaurants more often if they served a range of independent craft brewed beer
New independent research released by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) shows that more than 1 in 3 people would visit restaurants more often if they served a range of craft brewed British beer.
The organisation say that despite the growth in the popularity of craft-brewed beer the majority of restaurants in the UK are not meeting the consumer demand. SIBA would like to set up meetings with small and large restaurants chains to offer them a solution that suits their business so they can benefit from the growing interest in craft brewed beer. SIBA are also encouraging their brewing members to use this research to open doors with their own local, independent restaurants.
Nick Stafford, SIBA’s Operation’s Director said, “Craft-brewed beer is growing in popularity across the UK and the restaurants which have recognised this and started to serve a range of interesting, flavoursome beers have thrived. Unfortunately though most restaurants don’t put in the same effort when it comes to beer as they do when selecting their wine list, something our new research suggests could be seriously damaging their commercial potential. 
This new research shows that over a third of people would visit restaurants more if they served craft-brewed beer. It seems consumers are wanting more than the traditional brands associated with perhaps an Indian or Italian restaurant. SIBA has access to thousands of different beers and therefore we would like to work with restaurants in the UK to create the right beer solutions for their businesses.”
SIBA currently represents more than 850 independent brewers who brew in excess of 5,000 different beers that offer a wide range of colours, tastes, strengths and styles. SIBA’s ‘BeerFlex’ service is already used by many of the large pub-companies to supply their pubs with independently brewed craft beer from SIBA members, and the not-for-profit organisation say the model is now being adapted to work for restaurants too, with a focus on bottle, canned and kegged beer, which is easier for restaurants to store and for their staff to manage.
“The advances made in quality bottled, canned and craft-keg beer means that it has never been easier for outlets beyond pubs to sell beer. Craft-brewed, canned beer generally comes in smaller 330ml cans, which can be stacked, fit neatly in fridges and get cool quickly – making them the perfect choice for restaurants who want to serve beer but don’t have the space or expertise to look after draught beer lines.”  Nick added.
It’s clear that the quality of beer in the UK has never been better and there has never been this much choice. From classic British Golden Ales, stouts and porters, to American influenced IPAs and Pale Ales, or even Belgian inspired saisons and sour beers – the breadth of styles being brewed in the UK in 2016 is staggering.
One restaurant which is getting it right, and was named the UK’s Best Independent Craft Beer Restaurant by SIBA is Bundobust in Leeds, which fuses Indian street food with local and international craft beer.
“Beer was always going to be the star of the show at Bundobust. We took the nations favourite drink & the nations favourite food & put them together in a unique way. We have a beer list of 90 beers all of them complement our Indian street food. From Hoppy IPAs & pales, to salty goses brewed with coriander, & wheat beers that complement & cut through the spice. Bombay Dazzler, our house beer brewed by the local Northern Monk, is a Witbier brewed with Belgian yeast, coriander, ginger & cardamom. It’s light & easy & is the perfect accompaniment to our food. We are a casual Indian restaurant & we feel there is no better drink than beer to go with our food.” Said Mark Husak, owner of Bundobust in Leeds, who adds that the tide is turning and more restaurants are now discovering the importance of a good beer list to their business.
 ”Until recently the standard of beer in restaurants has been pretty poor. Even in high end places where the wine lists were amazing, beer was always a second thought & main stream brews were the only ones on offer. Thankfully this is changing & forward thinking restaurants are starting to have cracking beer lists. From burger places like MeatLiquour & Byron to high end restaurants like Hawksmoor & Manchester House, beer with its many complex varieties & styles is being taken seriously & often is a better choice than wine. What’s better than a Belgian Wit with Fish & Chips, an IPA with a curry, or a Barley Wine with a cheese board” Mark added.
Eight UK restaurants serving craft-brewed beer 
East of England 
The Brewery Tap, Peterborough 
The combination of delicious, authentic Thai dishes served alongside Oakham brewery’s famously hoppy, aromatic beers is a winning one. Add to that the setting, with the restaurant perched on a mezzanine floor overlooking the bar and brewery, and you’ve got a restaurant unlike anywhere else in the UK.
Purecraft Bar & Kitchen, Birmingham & Nottingham
Craft-brewed beer is front and centre in Purecraft, with an extensive draught beer and bottled menu and a food offering that not only pairs the dishes with different beers but even features them too – how does Bavette steak with beer butter followed by Odells Cutthroat Porter Sticky Toffee Pudding sound?
North East 
Bundobust, Leeds
SIBA’s Best Independent Craft Beer Restaurant 2016, Bundobust is a must-visit in a city blessed with more than it’s fair share of excellent specialist beer bars and eateries. Extra points can also be awarded for being a vegetarian restaurant that meat-lovers still flock to – when the beer and bhajis are this good who needs beef?
Honorable mention: Star Inn the City, York
A Michelin starred riverside restaurant serving fantastic beer in a cosy, pub-like setting.
North West     
Manchester House, Manchester
Aiden Byrne’s lavish restaurant is hotly tipped for a Michelin star so go now before it gets one and the bookings sky-rocket even further. Also make sure you have a look at the excellent beer menu when visiting as it is well-chosen, largely local, and perfectly suited for pairing with the exciting dining menu. Surely a model for other high-end restaurants to follow.
Timberyard, Edinburgh
The fresh, modern menu at Edinburgh’s Timberyard is complemented by an equally well-chosen and distinctly unusual beer list which focusses on British brewers doing something a little bit different. Whether it’s a sour style from Burning Sky Brewery or a saison or well-hopped pale ale from Wild Beer Co or The Kernel, the beers are as precise and well-thought out as the food.
South East 
Duke’s Brew & Que, London
The original home of the excellent Beavertown brewery, Duke’s Brew & Que specialises in authentic American barbecue and an extensive beer list comprising cask, craft keg, bottled and canned beers from Beavertown and other local breweries. The original beer & BBQ spot is still a must-visit if in London.
South West
Wild Beer at Jessop House, Cheltenham
Run by the excellent South West brewery Wild Beer Co, this is a restaurant that takes it’s beer seriously but delivers it with a laid-back atmosphere and effortlessness that has to be experienced to be believed. Seasonal, modern fare is perfectly suited to pairing with Wild Beer Co’s varied and often unusual beers, which range from rich red-wine-like ales to sharp, bright and citrussy sours.
Wales & West
Urban Tap House, Cardiff
Definitely more of a pub than a restaurant, but how could we feature Wales and not talk about SIBA’s Independent Craft Beer Pub of the Year The Urban Taphouse and their awesome beer and burgers? The combination of Tiny Rebel’s amazing beers and a great range of house-made burgers is a simple formula that never fails to impress.
For further information contact PR & Marketing Manager Neil Walker on 07493 883 273 or email 
The research was conducted by independent research company M&C Allegra Foodservice.

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New brewer joins the Taylor’s team

Heriot Watt trained Gordon McCallum has recently joined the five strong team of brewers at Timothy Taylor’s in Keighley. He takes up the role of Junior Brewer to coincide with the imminent retirement of Peter Eells and promotion of Andrew Leman to Head Brewer.

Gordon states ’‘It is a dream come true working for Timothy Taylor’s. When I reached an appropriate age, my father introduced me to Taylor’s beers as the pinnacle of real ale. I have enjoyed drinking them ever since that day and now count myself lucky learning how to brew that unique Taylor’s taste’’

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26 North East beers make it through to SIBA’s National Beer Competition Final

A total of 26 beers from the Society of Independent Brewers’ (SIBA) North east region have been selected for a place in the National finals taking place at BeerX, SIBA’s flagship event.

There will be a total of 8 cask beers, 8 ‘small pack’ (bottled and canned) beers, and 10 craft keg beers in the competition, with the overall Gold Champion winners being announced at the evening awards ceremony on the 16th of March.

“SIBA’s beer competition represents the very best in British brewing across all formats, from traditional cask and bottled beer to the growing number of craft canned and kegged beers. Having made it to the top of their regional competitions these beers are already winners, but the final National judging which takes place at BeerX is designed to find the very best of the best.” Mike Benner, SIBA Managing Director.

The BeerX ‘Festival of Beer’, where the beers in the competition along with many more can be enjoyed by the public, will feature over 300 different beers this year including 20 brand new brewery bars serving craft keg, bottled and canned beer.

Breweries from the region in the running are Allendale Brewery, Bad Seed Brewery, Brass Castle Brewery Ltd, Cullercoats Brewery Limited, Elland Brewery Ltd, Great Heck Brewing Co Ltd, Hambleton Ales, Ilkley Brewery, Leeds Brewery, Mordue Brewery, Ossett Brewing Co Ltd, Revolutions Brewing Company, Rudgate Brewery, Saltaire Brewery, Settle Brewing Company, Small World Beers Ltd, Sonnet 43 Brew House, Tyne Bank Brewery, Vocation Brewery Limited, York Brewery, and Timothy Taylors.

BeerX takes place at iceSheffield in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, from the 16th-19th March, for more information visit


For further information contact SIBA Press Manager Neil Walker via or call 07493 883273
Representatives from many of the breweries below will be available to speak at BeerX, please call the number above for further information.
Beers from the region through to the National beer competition final at BeerX:

Location Brewery Name Beer Name ABV
Northumberland Allendale Brewery Pennine Pale 4.0
North Yorkshire Bad Seed Brewery Hefeweizen 5.1
North Yorkshire Brass Castle Brewery Ltd Helles Lager 4.4
Northumberland Cullercoats Brewery Limited Jack the Devil 4.5
West Yorkshire Elland Brewery Ltd 1872 Porter 6.5
West Yorklshire Elland Brewery Ltd 1872 Porter 6.5
North Yorkshire Great Heck Brewing Co Ltd Black Jesus 6.5
North Yorkshire Great Heck Brewing Co Ltd Shankar IPA 5.9
North Yorkshire Hambleton Ales Thoroughbred IPA 5.0
West Yorkshire Ilkley Brewery The Mayan 6.5
West Yorkshire Leeds Brewery Gathering Storm 4.4
Tyne and Wear Mordue Brewery Ipa 5.1
Tyne and Wear Mordue Brewery Allelic Drift 5
West Yorkshire Ossett Brewing Co Ltd Ratsputin 7.4
West Yorkshire Revolutions Brewing Company Ltd Sanctuary Pale Lager 5.0
West Yorkshire Revolutions Brewing Company Ltd Severina Vienna Lager 5.0
North Yorkshire Rudgate Brewery Ruby Mild 4.4
North Yorkshire Rudgate Brewery Ruby Mild 4.4
West Yorkshire Saltaire Brewery Triple Chocoholic 4.8
North Yorkshire Settle Brewing Company Nine Standards No4 Amber Ale 3.7
West Yorkshire Small World Beers Ltd Thunderbridge Stout 5.2
County Durham Sonnet 43 Brew House Sonnet 43 Bourbon Milk Stout 4.3
Tyne and Wear Tyne Bank Brewery Ltd Summer Breeze 3.9
West Yorkshire Vocation Brewery Limited Heart & Soul 4.4
North Yorkshire York Brewery Otherside IPA 4.5
West Yorkshire Timothy Taylors Boltmaker 4.2

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Saltaire lands second national supermarket listing in Waitrose

From next week, 94 Waitrose stores nationwide will stock one of Yorkshire’s best-selling craft beers Saltaire Cascade Pale Ale 4.8%, this will be the second of Saltaire’s beers to achieve a national listing in Waitrose.

First brewed in 2007, Saltaire Cascade Pale Ale has become one of Saltaire’s most popular beers – an American style pale ale with the floral aromas and strong bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops.

“We are delighted that Waitrose have given us this opportunity to extend the distribution of Cascade Pale Ale, to become our second national listing in Waitrose. In addition, our most popular beer Saltaire Blonde 4%, will more than double its distribution to become available in 212 stores” commented Ewen Gordon, Managing Director.

“We are looking forward to working in partnership with Waitrose and will do everything that we can to make this activity a success for both Waitrose and Saltaire! It will be great to introduce another of our great tasting, quality beers to a wider national audience outside of our Yorkshire heartland.”

Waitrose Beer Buyer, Kate Prall said, “It’s always great to see beers from our local range make a successful transition into the national beer range and Saltaire Blonde is a great example of this. Pale Ale is a popular style with our customers, so I have no doubts that Cascade will be just as popular with our customers.”

Saltaire Blonde’s popularity regionally and the expansion nationally means that it will continue to make up around 60 per cent of the Brewery’s annual output.

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New blood on the Board of Directors

The three new directors – from left to right. Sarah Dent, Benjamin Dent, Claire Hodgson

Charles Dent, Chairman, is delighted to announce the appointment of three new family members as Non –Executive Directors of Timothy Taylor’s. Benjamin Dent, Sarah Dent and Claire Hodgson are all descendants of the founder Timothy Taylor and bring a wealth of commercial experience. They were interviewed by a panel of non-family board directors and selected from a strong pool of candidates.


Sarah is daughter of Charles who currently holds the position of Chairman and ran the business from 1995 until 2014. She is a marketing professional and has over seven years’ experience, specialising in advertising within the financial services sector. Sarah joined Jupiter Asset Management in October 2011 and heads up the centralised advertising and sponsorship team, looking after Jupiter’s brand, advertising and sponsorship strategy on a global basis.

Benjamin is Sarah’s cousin and is the son of Diana, a serving board member and daughter of Lord Ingrow, John Taylor. He is a Partner at Smith & Williamson Investment Management LLP, a leading privately owned financial services company, where he is responsible for the management of investment portfolios for private clients, trusts and charities. Ben is also an analyst for the pub, beverage and leisure sectors.

Claire is the great great great grand daughter of Timothy Taylor and her lineage follows from Robert, Timothy’s son. Ben and Sarah are descendants of Percy who was Timothy’s other son. Claire is a local girl and grew up in Cononley near Skipton. She now lives in Burley in Wharfedale and works for Freemans Grattan Holdings (FGH) in a senior marketing role. Since graduating Claire has undertaken a number of commercial roles for The Direct Marketing Group and for the last six years with FGH. Her current role is Marketing Manager for Kaleidoscope where she is responsible for the brand’s customer acquisition strategy, retention strategy and execution of both.

Tim Dewey, Chief Executive, states ‘I am very much looking forward to working with Sarah, Ben and Claire who will bring fresh ideas to the board and help us drive the next phase of growth within our iconic Yorkshire business. Being the last independently owned brewery in West Yorkshire we are proud of our family heritage and delighted to welcome the next generation.’

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Yorkshire Wolds Brewery creates new position

Wold Top Brewery has recruited a Scarborough man to the newly created position of Office Manager.

Jason Lukehurst behind the bar at Wold Top Brewery

Jason Lukehurst, 35, has been appointed to ensure the smooth running of the busy brewery office as the Wold Newton business enjoys unprecedented demand for its award winning beer.

Jason joins the brewery from York social housing consultancy firm, HQN where he was responsible for IT support and admin and is looking forward to developing his new role: “With the recent installation of the new brew plant, it’s a very exciting time to be joining the small, friendly team.

“I couldn’t wish for a more scenic place to work and the shorter commute gives me more time to explore the great outdoors with my sons, Joseph and Henry or to go out for a run.”

Kate Balchin is responsible for HR at the brewery and said: “Jason has fitted in really well and has become a valuable member of the team in a short space of time.”

Jason’s favourite beer is Wold Top’s Marmalade Porter

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Ilkley Brewery – Investing in expansion, investing in people

The new investment in independent Yorkshire brewer Ilkley Brewery by Half Full Beer Company at the end of July 2015, is showing immediate progress. The Half Full vision was to improve conditions and standards, and to increase production capacity.

Investment in the team is integral to the vision, and one of the immediate steps made was to register as a Living Wage Employer, and increase the rates of pay across the board.

The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at Ilkley Brewery, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors; receive a minimum hourly wage of £7.85 – significantly higher than the national minimum wage of £6.50. The commitment will continue into 2016 with a rise to £8.25.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK. Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public; it is a social about what people need to make ends meet.

Luke Raven, Co-Director at Ilkley Brewery said: “We are proud to be raising our voice amongst a growing number of businesses across the UK who support their staff by paying the Living Wage.

“Our beer is made by people, by hand, and we rely on their passion and commitment. By recognising their hard work in this way, we hope to be able to foster a greater sense of shared ownership in the long term project here at Ilkley Brewery.”

Employers choose to pay the Living Wage on a voluntary basis. The Living Wage enjoys cross party support, with public backing from the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Living Wage Foundation Director, Rhys Moore said: “We are delighted to welcome Ilkley Brewery to the Living Wage movement as an accredited employer.

“The best employers are voluntarily signing up to pay the Living Wage now. The Living Wage is a robust calculation that reflects the real cost of living, rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay.

“We have accredited over 1,700 leading employers, including Ilkley Brewery, ranging from independent printers, hairdressers and breweries, to well-known companies such as Nationwide, Aviva and SSE. These businesses recognise that clinging to the national minimum wage is not good for business. Customers expect better than that. ”

Ilkley Brewery has also committed to a programme of job creation, with a 60% increase in headcount by the end of 2015. This is in recognition of the work that lies ahead as part of the plans for expansion. As part of creating new positions, the brewery is embarking on a training scheme to enable existing employees to expand their knowledge, qualification and industry experience. The first person to benefit from this is Adam Scroggins, who is progressing from a Brewery Operative to become Assistant Brewer.

Speaking of the growth plans, Luke Raven says: “As well as our ongoing commitment to the local community and to our employees, which are the building blocks for solid business, we are looking to capitalise on the current interest and energy within the beer sector.

“We have already invested over £140,000 in the infrastructure at Ilkley Brewery since August this year, including taking on an additional storage facility, and with additional expansion in the pipeline. I think this emphasises our commitment to grow Ilkley Brewery into one of the top independent breweries in the UK.”

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Award win is the business for United by Design

A Yorkshire graphic design agency is celebrating the news that it has won a second prestigious industry award for 2015.

United by Design, based in York, has been included in the list of 61 agencies that will receive one of the internationally-renowned Design Effectiveness Awards from the prestigious Design Business Association. The agency was selected for its branding and packaging for York’s Treboom brewery.

These authoritative awards recognise not only creative talent, but also the measured benefits that are delivered by design, proving its value to the client. Since working with United by Design Treboom has exceeded its monthly sales targets by an average of 122% and has outperformed the market sector by 723%.

After two rigorous rounds of judging, United by Design found itself in the company of some of the biggest graphic design agencies in the UK that have created branding for prominent businesses such as Twinings, Fortnum & Mason and Diageo. Entries were judged on a demanding range of criteria, with the panel consisting of CEOs of globally renowned businesses, including TV ‘dragon’ Deborah Meaden, as well as top marketeers from organisations such as Coca Cola, British Airways and GlaxoSmithKline.

Chairman of the Judges, Andrew Summers of Design Partners, says “The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are unique in focusing on the commercial results of design, and it’s fantastic to see such a diverse shortlist this year, demonstrating the wide-ranging impact design is increasingly wielding across many different sectors of industry and areas of activity”.

The United by Design team will be presented with its award – and discover whether it is gold, silver or bronze – at a black tie dinner in London in February.

United by Design’s owner and Creative Director, Owen Turner, says “We are absolutely delighted to be receiving an award at this level, especially in the company of many agencies much bigger than ourselves. To be named alongside major industry player such as Elmwood, Pearlfisher, The Engine Room and Brand Opus is a real honour! Our concept behind the Treboom bottle labels was to tell a story in a simplified and entertaining way, with a central focal point for each design. The personality of each ale is brought to life, but the whole range still has a similar distinct look and feel”.

Jane Blackman, co-owner at Treboom, says “For a relatively new microbrewery we needed to make people aware of Treboom and tempt them to try our beers for the first time. The label designs have made a huge impact on our confidence in promoting our brand. Without a doubt they have grabbed the attention of buyers and consumers in a very crowded market. We feel the designs portray the right image for the brewery, making us proud not only of our beers but also the image they project”. Treboom’s bottled ales are now on sale in esteemed locations such as the Tate Modern museum and a Michelin-starred restaurant.

The DBA award is the latest in a series of accolades United by Design has recently received for its work. Earlier this year the company won bronze for its Treboom work in the packaging category of the prestigious A’ Design Awards, and was also included in The Drum Independent Agencies Census for 2015. This is an industry report compiled by The Drum, a leading design publication, in partnership with the Recommended Agency Register. Design businesses listed in this are considered the best in the country, and United by Design was included in the top 25 small agencies in the peer-to-peer category.

Owen Turner concludes “It is absolutely amazing for a small agency like United by Design to receive international recognition of this kind, particularly as the DBA Awards are not simply about design but also design effectiveness; helping businesses to grow by providing unique creative solutions that make a real difference to their bottom line – which is what we always aim do for all our clients”.

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North Yorkshire brewery celebrates shortlist success

Directors and staff at Wold Top Brewery are celebrating after the Hunmanby business’s export achievements has earned them a place in the final of the Scarborough News Business Awards.

The Awards were launched in 2014 to celebrate outstanding achievements in business and recognise the great companies that fly the flag for Scarborough, Ryedale, Whitby and Filey.

The winners of the awards will be announced on 20th November at a Celebration Dinner at the Spa in Scarborough.

Wold Top Brewery’s Export Manager, Kate Balchin said: “We’re very proud of our export achievements that now account for 14% of our turnover.”

Farm based Wold Top Brewery brews traditional real ale from home and Wolds grown malting barley, the finest hops and chalk-filtered water from the farm’s own borehole.

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