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Three Messages

  • Core member benefits supported by growing the market.
  • Better business supported by political lobbying.
  • Delivering opportunities to the members in a variety of formats

“Building the future of British Beer”


  • To campaign on members behalf in order to improve the environment surrounding the sale of beer ensuring beer is recognised as the safest and most responsibly consumed form of alcohol.
  • To provide support in order to ensure quality improves and consumers recognise beer as the discerning drink of choice.
  • To provide and enhance commercial opportunities for members thus growing the market.
  • To create a network which allows members to meet and share information.
  • To become the voice of British beer.


  • Shared responsibility.
  • Honesty.
  • Accountability.
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity.
  • Fairness.
  • Community.


  • Transparency: clear understanding, freely available information
  • Representation: reflect views and opinions of the membership
  • Accountability:  be responsible for reporting on actions and decisions
  • Democracy: one member, one vote; a free market aspiration
  • Efficacy: the ability to act without being encumbered by internal bureaucracy or politics


…The Society of Independent Brewers.
Formed in 1980 as the Small Independent Brewers’ Association, to represent the interests of the emerging new wave of microbrewers.

With growing credibility and campaigning success, SIBA has come to represent the broad spectrum of the independent brewing sector. Renamed in 1995, SIBA is now one of the most authoritative and respected bodies in the brewing industry.

…The Road to Market.
SIBA continues to pursue its original mission:
To campaign on behalf of independent brewers to ensure that they have the best possible opportunity to bring their goods to market.
The delivery of this fundamental aim includes:
• Providing information, advice and guidance on best practice through the Journal, Newsletter and website.
• Representation to the wider industry – government, regulatory agencies, trading organisations and trade associations.
• Facilitating the purchase of goods and services provided to members by associate members and external parties.

…The Route to Success.
SIBA has recorded a number of significant achievements over the years, including:
• The Guest Beer Provision.
• End-Point Duty.
• “Cask-Conditioned Beer” recognised by government.
• Progressive Beer Duty (PBD) introduced June 2002 for breweries producing up to 30,000 hectolitres per year.
• Direct Delivery Scheme (SIBA DDS) ‘access to market’ via major pub companies and national retail chains launched December 2003. Now known as Beerflex.
• PBD extended March 2004 to output up to 60,000hl.

…The Key to a Quality Future. SIBA is focused on its developing role:
• Commitment to localism in support of businesses that enhance local community, local economy, and a sustainable local environment.
• Dedication to quality products – with training and brewery support programmes that seek to ensure that SIBA membership is synonymous with the very best that the beer world has to offer.
• Awards for beer quality to match the most prestigious in the industry, and awards for achievement in all fields of local enterprise.
• Determination to deliver the very best service in identifiable internal support.
• Forceful representation of members’ interests within the wider industry and its political environment.

The Voice of the Quality Independent Brewing Industry.

Membership of SIBA is open to breweries, suppliers to the brewing industry, and pubs that are committed in their support for the finest quality beer.
A full description of membership levels and benefits can be found here.




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